Clara and me

I met Clara on 31st October, 2007.

You were very beautiful...

You were like the goddess.

Yes, I surely saw my goddess on the day.



# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2008-01-20 00:37

Happy Birthday, Clara

20th August is your birthday, Clara.

You came to Japan on 18th August.

It is also hot in this year in the summer of Japan.

However I am very glad that you spend your birthday in Japan.

I want to say again. Happy birthday to you, Clara.
# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2007-08-24 23:56

Spring is a season of SAKURA

Hello Clara,

How are you doing?

It looks like spring is just around the corner.

Japan is the country where the cherry blossom is beautiful.

A lot of cherry blossoms are waiting for you to come to Japan.

See you again at the garden where cherry blossoms are beautiful.

# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2007-03-11 01:13

A Happy New Year!

Hi Clara,

Are you enjoying a happy new year?

I want to see you again this year, too.

I hope that this year will be wonderful for you.
# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2007-01-03 01:57

Very merry Christmas!

Dear Clara,

Merry Xmas!

How are you doing?

I hope that you have a wonderful day.


# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-12-24 20:11

Sony Ericsson at The Tokyo Collections

Hi Clara,

How are you?
I hope that you are health.

By the way, you came to the Tokyo Collection on September, didn't you?
I found your pictures at the Sony Ericsson's Show.


You are very beautiful!
I am very glad to be able to see your photos.

b0091739_19212962.jpgI'm looking forward to see you again on November 1.
# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-10-01 19:22

How are you getting along in this hot season?

Hello Clara,

Japan is very hot Summer.
Are you living in NY now?
NY is hot, isn't it?

I have a good news today.
The 2006-2007 AW collection of "MUSEE D' UJI" that you attend every time at the Tokyo collection will be held on 1st or 2nd November.

Only two months exist until the day.
I'm looking forward to see you again in Autumn Tokyo.


# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-08-22 15:42

What impression do you have in Japan?

Hi Clara,

How are you?
Our long Vacation has finished.
From tomorrow I will go to work.
I live near the Tokyo Disney Land now.
Let's go to there together in next time!


# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-05-08 00:47

Japanese Long Vacation

Hi Clara,

How are you getting along in this season?
I love spring season.
Many flowers are blooming, and the wind is comfortable in my cheek.

Are you enjoying dressing up?
When we meet next time, let's talk about the fashion together.b0091739_3153481.jpg
# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-05-07 03:16

About Me

Hello Clara,

How are you?

Today please let me introduce myself.
Do you remember a picture below?
It's me.

My nickname or HN (handle name) or RN (radio name) is Nemuri no Kogoro.
Please call me Kogoro.

Nemuri no Kogoro is a most famous detective in Japan.
He is a character of cartoon in Japan.
The cartoon is "A great detective Conan".

On next visit to Japan, please find it at any book store.
You will be able to find it very easily.


# by nemuri_no_kogoro | 2006-05-06 02:17